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[REVIEW] MurderSquadclo Olive/Black Drawstring Zipper Pants

Super_Flycoolboi:  These MurderSquadclo Drawstring Zipper Pants are fire !  MurderSquadclo:  They certainly are Super_Flycoolboi:  I can get them for under $100?  MurderSquadclo:  That's right, hurry before they sell out again !  Super_Flycoolboi:  This is too good to be true..... Super_Flycoolboi:  How does the pants fit? Are they 100% cotton?  Super_Flycoolboi:  Does it stretch well?    Okay, no one actually said this.  We know how you feel. You fell in love at first sight with these MurderSquadclo pants and you want to make sure you get it right !   Here are some reviews you can see for yourself!    YouTube Reviews  What does the pants actually look like? What does the texture feel like in hand? Is the waistband expandable?...

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